For those facing deportation or removal from the United States, I am their fierce advocate. I understand that this is a very stressful experience for everyone involved. With Daniel Alvarez, you will receive highly competent and professional representation and know that EVERYTHING has been done to bring about a positive outcome for yourself or a loved one. First, I strongly recommend anyone facing immigration issues NOT to try and go it alone. You need a lawyer experienced in immigration matters. I am also a fluent Spanish-speaking lawyer.


Removal Proceedings are the way non-U.S. citizens also known as aliens or non-citizens are either expelled or prevented from entering the United States. Usually, an immigration judge determines whether one is admissible or deportable. But in the Expedited Removal or Administrative Removal process, no judge is needed. This is why it is extremely important that you contact me so we can successfully stop this process. In an Expedited Removal, an immigration officer alone may determine you are inadmissible, usually based on documentation or misrepresentation claims. But if, for example, there are credible fears of persecution in your homeland you must be given a hearing. Also, special procedures exist for those convicted of crimes. It can be helpful to have an attorney, such as myself, already comfortable with criminal defense issues handle your immigration issues if criminal charges are making things more complicated and challenging.


The United States offers special consideration to those who do not want to return to their native country out of concern for their safety or persecution issues. If you are facing removal or deportation and need to file a political asylum claim, I can help.


We offer advice to employers seeking to hire foreign workers and make sure the process of obtaining employment-based or temporary visas goes smoothly. For individuals, the labor certification process can be lengthy, but don’t despair! We can make the steps clear to you and give you every opportunity to achieve your goals. There are many types of employment-based options. We can help a wide range from H-1B (Special Occupation), L-1 Company Transfer visas as well as H-2 visas for temporary and seasonal workers. Timely completion of paperwork IS CRITICAL! If you are unsure as to the steps you need to take, please contact our office as soon as possible.


Let us know about your family circumstances and we can suggest the best route to pursue. We can help with petitions involving any family member. We can assist with family-based and marriage visas, plus the K-1 fiance visa and the K-3 spousal visa. We start with eligibility issues, help you get paperwork together and work through to filing the application for you. We also help with visa adjustments, obtaining green cards and the naturalization process. Overall, the immigration laws are complex and we cannot list all the requirements on this web site. We invite you to call our office at (502) 272-2006 or email us to discuss your particular situation. We provide friendly, timely and affordable services!