Abogado de inmigracion en Prospect KY

Ask Alvarez Law, PLLC esta aquí para ayudarle. Si ya ha sido acusado de violar una ley de inmigración, este es un problema grave que necesita resolución. Se necesita a alguien a su lado que entiende la ley para que puedan utilizarlo elaborar una estrategia que reduzca al mínimo las posibles sanciones que podrían enfrentar y ayudarle a volver a vivir su vida. Su caso abogado de inmigracion no debe convertirse en su detrimento. Por el contrario, sin un profesional experimentado por su lado, se enfrenta a graves consecuencias.

En sus años ayudando a clientes con asuntos penales, Ask Alvarez Law, PLLC ha desarrollado una excelente reputación en todo el estado como una persona que no tiene miedo de tomar, incluso en los casos mas difíciles y crear estrategias inteligentes y innovadoras port u caso de defense abogado de inmigracion para ayudar a nuestros clientes reciban el mejor resultado posible.

Ask Alvarez Law, PLLC posee un conocimiento enciclopedico de los requisitos de visado, reglas de patrocinio del empleador, lo que se necesita para solicitar asilo, la forma de evitar la extracción, y mucho más. Ask Alvarez Law, PLLC tienes las experiencias e información de abogados de inmigración de todo el país compartidas, asegurando que ella puede permanecer siempre actualizada con los cambios a la ley de casos de abogado de inmigracion.

Ask Alvarez Law, PLLC le llevará a traves del confuso proceso de los procedimientos de inmigración, regulaciones y documentación. Vamos a responder a sus preguntas acerca de su casoabogado de inmigracion, le ayudan a completar y presentar sus documentos, y asistir a las entrevistas. Programar una consulta en nuestra oficina de Prospect. Para obtener más información acerca de cómo nuestra empresa puede ayudarle en 502-272-2006 hoy.


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Client Testimonials

  • “The best lawyer in the world, supportive, smart and professional. La comunidad hispana tiene una gran persona con la cual puede confiar sus casos con integridad y respeto. Verdaderamente es usted Daniel Alvarez UN ORGULLO HISPANO.

    Yudiana J.
  • “I have had plenty of Lawyers in the past, and can HONESTLY say with confidence that Mr. Alvarez is the best attorney I have ever used. I will use him for all future matters and recommend him to everyone I know. He made my case that could have caused me a lot of serious (more…)

    Brian B.
  • “I was arrested for a DUI and spoke with three well-known attorneys concerning my case, before hiring Mr. Alvarez. The other two wanted to plea guilty and hope for a bargain. Daniel took it to trial, built a strong defense, and we ended up settling a year and a half (more…)

    Holly M.
  • “Daniel Alvarez was a big help for me and my family. We were very lucky because most of the attorneys don’t work on weekends but Daniel took the time to see my husband on the weekend and help with his felony case and immigration hold. He explained what was going on with his (more…)

    Erica D.
  • “In 2014, my fiancé traveled to the United States from the Philippines. Mr. Alvarez made this happen with meetings and information as well as a very professionally done presentation of all the documents to authorities. He was knowledgeable and took the time to check (more…)

    Stephen S.
  • “Mr. Alvarez was retained by my brother to represent him in a case involving assault, wanton endangerment, and violation of a DVO. We were impressed with Mr. Alvarez’s attention to the case and were doubly pleased that he got the bond reduced from $20K cash to $5k (more…)

    Debra F.
  • “My wife and I, had Daniel for a lawyer in applying for her green card. He was very helpful in walking us through the process. Advising us what we needed to do. When we went for out interview. She was approved with no problems. We would recommend his services to any person.”

  • “I have known Daniel Alvarez professionally for over ten years. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I have observed him representing his clients in court many times. From civil matters to the poor or homeless in dire legal straits, he represents each person in a professional, (more…)

    Dr. Larry C., Psy. D.
  • “I want to take the time out to first say I appreciate your dedication , and shear work ethics. I can genuinely say that Danny Alvarez is personable, super responsive, and extremely knowledgeable about a broad range of legal topics. It’s easy to tell that he is just as concerned as (more…)

    Quawi F.

Areas of Practice

Whether you have an immigration, personal injury, worker’s compensation, or criminal case, Daniel Alvarez knows that your case is your life. Daniel Alvarez knows that your case is personal. He will treat you with the respect, compassion, and dedication that you need to get through this difficult period in your life. They will work tirelessly to get you the results you deserve, see your case through to the end. They will personally evaluate your case, and help you decide the best avenue of defense. Contact Daniel Alvarez now for your free initial consultation.

Immigration Law

Immigration law is a complex area and we help with deportation and removal hearings, family and employment related visas and naturalization issues.

Criminal Law

As a former member of the Jefferson County Public Defender's Office, Alvarez has a keen awareness of the issues facing those accused of crimes that face our local criminal justice system.

Personal Injury

If you have been harmed by the negligence of others, Alvarez handles a wide variety of personal injury claims. Alvarez can help get the full amount you deserve.

Workers' Compensation

With only a few exceptions, all Kentucky employees are covered by the Workers' Compensation Act and Kentucky employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance.

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